Sunday, 27 March 2011

Evil Clutches

Stuart came over for a visit. Unfortunately his clutch cable snapped when he was about a mile away, fortunately he had a spare and we managed to get the clutch working although with a unconventional cable routing. This meant that we both ended up working on the clutches of our lardy sports tourers despite both of us having hangovers.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Been really busy with moving house and sorting out a replacement van after mine was stolen. I have still managed to keep up my evening classes where I'm making a grinding rest. Also finished making my welding bench. Ended up using some galvanised box section I found lying around. Cleaned as much of the galv off that I could but it was still a sod to weld. Was a bit worried about getting sick from the fumes but I got away with it (although reading about symptoms on the internet got me worried about every ache and pain for a bit).

Here's the welding table in all it's glory. Its not bad considering it was made from scrap.

About the only other thing I've done in the shed in the past month is machine up some bungs for one of the Dirty Bobbers forum.