Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The big tidy.

Since I had the pins out of my foot I've been making moves towards really getting stuck into my TriBSA street tracker project. The first thing to be done was sort out my bandsaw. Since buying my secondhand bandsaw I've found its the single tool I use the most, the downside of this is it always seems to be in the way. This is probably because the flimsy stand it came with means it is difficult to move around so it gets left in the middle of the workshop which means its always in the way.

So I got out some 2" box section I got from the scrapyard and welded together a stand.

The new stand is more stable and sturdy. It's also a more convenient height but most importantly the saw is now easily mobile thanks to a set of castors.

After sorting the stand out I've spent a good few days sorting and tidying the shed. I've now got space to move without tripping over.

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