Monday, 9 April 2012

Chocolate Zombie Jesus Day

I've never been that keen on the 'cruiser' stance of my sportster and have been gathering parts to modify it to my taste. Yesterday I spent a few hours in the workshop installing a set of Biltwell tracker bars and attempting to fit a set of mid controls.

 The fitting of the mids caused a few problems, first of all the mount for the RHS pedal (and brake lever) was missing. Secondly the holes for the LHS footpeg mount were undersize. The parts were advertised on ebay as off a '96 bike. I had assumed there was no change between '94 and '96 but obviously there was. The centres of the holes are the same as the holes in the primary so I just drilled them out. However the holes are recessed for cap head bolts and the larger bolts would need a larger recess. I decided to get around this by machining up a couple of top-hat spacers that will give the bolt heads a flat surface to grip down on.

I've ordered a few fasteners from and a 'clevis footrest mount' from I need to order a shorter front brake cable but that will have to wait until tomorrow when the shops are open and I can speak to a human being rather than rely on websites.

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