Monday, 10 June 2013

Its still NOT a project....OK?

The Sportster was bought with the intention of being used as a daily rider (if I rode daily that is but you get the idea). I was adamant from the start that it wasn't a project and wouldn't be until the TriBSA was finished and de-bugged.

So far I've sort of managed to keep to that, its got a new seat, lost some chrome bling tat, got new bars, been returned to standard suspension, had the fork sliders powder-coated, had the forwards replaced with mids and an S&S air filter fitted.  I plan to convert to a 19" rear wheel at some point and have started to collect the relevant parts. But I would like to stress that it is NOT a project.

So the Saturday before last I was on my way to visit Stuart in Mid Wales when I noticed what I thought was a blowing exhaust. I stopped and nipped up the exhaust bolt but as the miles went on I realised that things were getting worse and so exactly half way between Stuart's house and mine I admitted defeat and called the breakdown people.

I spent most of my spare time last week stripping the bike down. This is where I got to on Sunday but I had to stop because of a lack of 12pt (bi-hex) sockets for the cylinder head.

On Tuesday a trip to Halfords got me a set of bi-hex sockets and by the end of the evening I'd got to here.

Now I'm not 100% certain but I think that this is the cause of what I thought was a blowing exhaust, a blown head gasket.

Thursday saw me remove the barrels. At this point I decided that the components I had taken of the bike looked a bit cosmetically challenged, which is why, on Friday, I took a detour on the way home to drop the barrels, head and rocker boxes off at Griffs in Bristol for powder coating. Oh and the head nuts were dropped off for zinc plating despite the fact that they are either hidden from view or under covers.

Saturday arrived and I got a load of stainless nuts and bolts from Steve's Stainless at the Cheltenham Autojumble.

So I now have a bike in bits, waiting for cosmetic work and replacement of rusty fasteners but..... its STILL NOT A PROJECT....

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