Saturday, 2 January 2016

Now a project sportster.

Now that the TriBSA has moved from 'project' status to 'work in progress' I have allowed the Sportster to fall into 'project' status without breaking the 'one project at a time' rule.

It started with a blowing head gasket. Should have been an afternoons work but a nut dropped in the cranck case scuppered that plan (and my chances of attending the DGR). 

I have got the nut out but not before removing the engine and half stripping it. As is often the case things have escalated and I now have a set of Andrews N4 cams to fit, behind a chopped cam cover. I also have a XR syle seat unit to fit.

A Mikuni performance carb may make an appearance before I get back on the road.

Oh and I've decided to stick a 19" front wheel on the back of the bike and run Goldentyre flattrack tyres. There is a kit available from Phil Little rac
ing in the states for this conversion but that is too easy so seeing as I had I lump of billet lying around I decided to make my own.

After making quite a lot of swarf I ended up with two spacers the correct size.

They even appear to fit.

I have bored housings for bearings and I now need to drill the holes to bolt the spacer to the hub and the disc/pulley to the spacer. I'm going to do this using my rotary table on the Bridgeport . To make sure the spacer is located centrally on the table I have machined up a sleeve that goes on the MT part of my tailstock die holder. It was while I was machining this sleeve I realise that the bearings I have are incorrect. I have ordered the correct ones so I'll be finding out how strong loctite 638 is at some point in the future...

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