Friday, 21 May 2010

New lathe tool

I spent a couple of hours playing with my new diamond tool holder in the lathe producing these (and a load of swarf) the idea is to use them as spacers for the swingarm.

While I was in the workshop I mounted the centres and mops on grinder/polisher. Here is how the swingarm clamps look after 10 minutes with the coarse soap (unpolished clamp included for reference)

The other thing I've been up to is trying to fix my FJ1200. A couple of months ago someone tried to steal it and did this to the ignition lock.

In order to change the ignition lock I had to remove the top yoke, which meant removing the fairing etc. Which is why the FJ looks a bit sorry for itself.

Plan is to get it back together and use it over the summer as there is no way the TriBSA will be finished while the summer is here.

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