Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lack of funds is hindering progress on the TriBSA so I'm planning to use my time on the cheaper tasks of building shop equipment. Spent tuesday night knocking up a stand to mount a bench grinder I'm going to use as a polisher.

First of all I made up a base.....

Centre piece was just there to space things out, once I had the base welded up I welded an upright in place and then welded a couple of pieces of angle to the top of it.

A couple of pieces of strap drilled and welded to the angle gave me something to bolt the grinder to

Finally I removed the grinding wheels and guards to reveal the shafts I'll be mounting the polishing centres on.

You might be able to see that I had to grind off the nut on the LHS. I tried everything to undo it culminating with my rattle gun on max but it wouldn't budge. In the end I attacked it with an angle grinder. I still couldn't get the back plate off as it had been crushed into place so I used the mini air cut off tool on that.

It was only yesterday that I discovered the reason why it had been so reluctant to shift and the mountings had been crushed is because some twat had used a rattle gun running anticlockwise to undo a LH thread.....

I bought a kit of parts to build a blasting cabinet at the Bristol Classic show back in February and I intend to start work on that next. As money is tighter than usual I'm thinking of spraying the frame rather than getting it powder coated and I'll probably be polishing any ally parts for the same reason.

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